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Frequently Asked Questions

For temporary Christmas lighting, our minimum is $500 and our average house runs about $1500 on their lighting, but prices vary based on size of the house and the amount of lighting desired. This usually consists of the entire front roofline covered in large C9 lights matching whatever color scheme you want. The bigger your house or the more roofline you have the higher the price is. We also offer trees, shrubs, railings, columns, fences, garages, stake lighting, wreaths and anything else you can think of. We lease all of our lights that way we can provide excellent quality lights year after year.

For the roofline we use the large commercial grade C9 LED bulbs which produce amazing light that can be seen from far away. We leave it up to the customer to choose the color (please see our gallery) or contact us for some ideas on color schemes we have done before). For trees, shrubs, columns, railings, etc. we typically use mini lights which gives lots of light closer together and compliments the smaller features of your house. There are many options for trees which include mini lights for a traditional wrap, C9 lights for a more ornamental look, and a mix of spritzers and light drops for a very unique look.

Yes! We guarantee your lights will work for the duration of the Christmas season! If you have any issues give us a call and we will send someone out to fix it. We provide a quality product and quality service that allows you to relax and enjoy your beautiful display.

A very popular discount is our referral program. We offer a 10% discount for the following year for every person you refer who installs custom lights. Get 5 of your friends or neighbors to put up our lights and get 50% off next year! Ask us for business cards to hand to your friends!
Note: Maximum referrals in one season is 5 totaling 50% discount for the following year.

One of our more popular discounts is our early bird special. If you schedule your install date to be prior to Nov. 1st we give 15% off. You don’t have to plug in your lights yet, we will run it right to the outlet and you just turn it on at the date of your choosing.

We at Larger Than Lights believe what we are doing is larger than just installing lights on people’s houses. We know that not everyone can afford our services and we know there are people out there who deserve some lights to bring happiness and joy to their family. If you know of someone who would be deserving of receiving complimentary lights please contact us by sending an email at [email protected]. Please understand that we may get a lot of requests for deserving families and we can only pick a few, so submitting a family does not guarantee they will receive lights.

Due to insurance reasons we are not able to install customer provided lights. Our lights are the highest quality and it allows for a brighter and cleaner look that will last a long time. We can customize our lights to fit any look you want. Store bought lights are made significantly cheaper and only last for a short time. Invest in a look that will set your house apart from everyone else’s.

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